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Cultural Competence
in the Workplace

Welcome to a free online training on cultural competence. This bilingual training was designed according to Northern Ontario's employers and employees' needs, but it can be completed by any employer or employee, regardless of their location.

Objectives of the Training

  • Facilitate the integration of people with different cultural backgrounds in various organizations.

  • Develop a greater understanding and sensitivity among employers and employees towards people with different cultural backgrounds.

  • Increase the chances of eliminating racist behaviour.

  • Increase the number of employees with different cultural backgrounds, and facilitate their integration and development in the workplace.​

More Details

In certain parts the training, you will have the option to “Click and find out more” for additional information. The required time to complete all training modules therefore varies between 1 and 2 hours.


You will receive a certificate of completion by email for each completed module. Please provide us with the name you wish to see displayed on your certificate. If you complete the five training modules, you must enter your name five times in order to obtain all five certificates.

For questions, comments or suggestions, please contact us at the following email address:

We recommend completing the training on a computer, as it is not compatible with mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones.

This training was developed in collaboration by the Université de Hearst and the Regional Research and Intervention Centre for Economic and Community Development (CRRIDEC). It was made possible by funding from Canadian Heritage.

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