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The Northeastern Ontario Settlement Services are also under the management of Le Groupe InnovaNor. To learn more, click here.

Who We Are


Le Groupe InnovaNor is the unifying organization for the Learning Integration Centres of l'Université de Hearst. These centres are extensions of l'UdeH’s study programs and provide various services to our communities. They also serve as a training ground where students can gain experience in pertinent fields of research in Northern Ontario, such as:

Our Mission


Offer relevant services to our communities, in fields related to l'Université de Hearst’s study programs.

Economic, social and community development (CRRIDEC)
Mental health
(Labelle Centre)
Information management, history and documentary heritage (Centre d'archives de la Grande Zone argileuse)
Immigration (Northeastern Ontario Settlement Services)

Le Groupe InnovaNor strives for business and community partnerships by creating innovative solutions that bridge knowledge and action. This new awareness may then be transferred to businesses, organizations and communities, primarily throughout Northeastern Ontario, but also to official language minority communities in Ontario and Canada.


Contact Us

Sophie Dallaire

Executive Director of Le Groupe InnovaNor

(705) 372-1781, ext. 210

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