Employee and Family
Assistance Program (EFAP)

Services for Employees

The Employee and Family Assistance Program offers free, confidential professional assistance to all employees and their families whose employer is a member of the EFAP program. Through the EFAP program, employees have access to qualified therapists and members of professional associations. Our therapists also live in north-eastern Ontario communities; therefore, they have a good understanding of the region’s challenges. 


The main focus of this program is prevention, early intervention, and well-being. Members also have access to individual counselling and family and couple’s therapy. To see a complete list of services provided, see the Services section.


Unlike other EFAP programs, members have access to an unlimited number of sessions.


The Employee and Family Assistance Program has many different learning resources available, such as videos, books, and brochures. To see the complete list, visit the Members section.

Employee FAQs

Is the EFAP program confidential?

Yes! Confidentiality is the cornerstone of this program; our confidential and professional services guarantee the client’s information remains private. We are a private organisation, not affiliated to any of our members, and our offices are not in the workplace, which demonstrates our commitment to client confidentiality. Our counsellors must follow the Professional Code of Ethics; therefore, employers do not have access to our client’s personal information. 

What are the benefits of my counsellor belonging to a professional association?

The professional association’s strict rules ensure that our counsellor have the necessary skills to offer quality services, thus protecting our clients by ensuring exceptional standards of care.

How do I know if I am eligible for this program?  

​If you work for an organization that is enrolled in the EFAP program, or if you are an immediate family member of someone covered by the EFAP program, you are eligible to use this program. For more information, please view Partner Organizations.

What is counselling?

​Counselling is a process occurring through conversations between a client and a therapist that brings positive changes to the life and well-being of the client.

In-person consultations are the CLC’s preferred way of working with a client as they are better suited to any situation or problem.  They are often considered to be more comforting and effective. Additionally, EFAP counsellors live in northern Ontario; therefore they truly understand the realities and daily challenges in the community, making it easier to understand and meet a client’s specific needs.

What does the counsellor do?

First and foremost, the counsellor is there to listen to you. Consultations are held in a safe and private office, free of judgment so that the client will feel comfortable addressing their concerns.

Their goal is to help you find the best way to understand and resolve your issues. The clients’ wants and needs are the main focus of consultations, and our advisors do their best to adapt and create a safe and comfortable environment for everyone. Therefore, if the client does not want an in-person consultation, our advisors will provide consultations over the telephone or via video conferencing.

Who should seek help?

Anyone who shows signs related to difficulties such as emotional or mental stress, dissatisfaction, conflicting relationships, substance abuse, mental health challenges, struggle with parental responsibilities, or who are unable to solve a work-related or personal problem alone is advised to speak with and EFAP counsellor.

Will my employer know about my appointment with a counsellor?

No, our program is completely confidential. The employer will not be informed of your appointment unless you give expressed written consent giving permission to share your information.

Do I have to pay?

This is a free service for all members. The EFAP is part of your employee benefits that help both you and your family. As an employee covered by this program, you have access to an unlimited number of sessions per year without having to pay.

How do I know if my EFAP program is offered through Centre Labelle Centre?

New employees will receive the appropriate information with regards to the EFAP from their employer. To find out more, please visit the Members section.

How can I get my employer to join Centre Labelle Centre’s EFAP program?

You can contact your Human Resources Department and discuss the benefits of joining our EFAP program.

Are the counselling services available for my spouse and my children?

Yes. By enrolling in Centre Labelle Centre’s Employee and Family Assistance Program, your spouse* and your dependent children have access to our services for free.

*Partners are considered spouses after six months of living together.

How can I access these services?

​You may call our direct number at 705-335-5588, or you may send an email to All communications are secure and confidential.