Employee and Family
Assistance Program (EFAP)

About the Program

The History of the Program


Over twenty years ago, a group of concerned and determined individuals involved in their communities worked together to create a service for people living in northern Ontario—a service made to help the workers and their families. Thus, in August 1998, le Service d’évaluation et de ressources du corridor du Nord, also known as the Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) was created. Today, it serves thousands of working and retired employees and their families.


In January 2020, Centre Labelle Centre (CLC) took over the EFAP. CLC is a non-profit organization and is one of l’Université de Hearst’s Learning Integration Centres. The main objective is to offer bilingual counselling and psychological assessments to the population of North Eastern Ontario.


Centre Labelle Centre understands that the EFAP program is crucial and an added value for our communities, all the more valuable since its team of counsellors live in the region. For this reason, CLC aims to maintain the strong foundation that began with le Service d’évaluation et de ressources du corridor du Nord (SERCN).


The EFAP is managed by the CLC and supported by an advisory board made up of EFAP beneficiary members.


Our Staff


Our counsellors are qualified and experienced members of professional associations. The professional associations’ strict rules ensure that its members have the skills required to offer high-quality services as well as protection to its clients.

In-person consultations are the CLC’s preferred way of working with a client as they are better suited to any situation or problem.  They are often considered to be more comforting and effective.  Additionally, EFAP counsellors live in northern Ontario; therefore they truly understand the realities and daily challenges of its the communities, making it easier to understand and meet a client’s specific needs.


Our Approach


Centre Labelle Centre’s Employment and Family Assistance Program offers professional and confidential help to all our members during their difficult times. Our main focuses are prevention, early intervention, and a client’s well-being. Thus, when a client gets professional help at an early stage, they notice quick and positive changes to their well-being, their family life, or their general health. Workplace benefits are important: healthy employees are more productive and contribute to a healthy and safe workplace environment.


The clients’ wants and needs are the focus of these consultations, and our counsellors do their best to adapt and create a safe and comfortable environment for everyone. Therefore, if the client does not want an in-person consultation, our advisors will provide consultations over the telephone or via video conferencing.


What makes us so unique:

  • This program is not only available to working staff and their families, but to EFAP members who have retired as well.

  • Unlike other EFAP programs, our members have an unlimited number of consultations.

  • EFAP employee members have access to free development programs.

  • EFAP program representatives hold follow-up meetings to continue improving and diversifying our services.

  • The EFAP program can establish a partnership with the workplace health and safety committee of the EFAP program’s beneficiary members.

EFAP Services


All consultations are completely confidential and are offered by experienced cousellors.


Counselling services are offered to:

  • Adults

  • Children

  • Adolescents

  • Couples and Families


Our counsellors are experienced in the following:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Grief

  • Anger management

  • Substance abuse

  • Mental health

  • Family conflict

  • Parental skills

  • Couple's therapy

  • Any other concerns you may have


The Employee and Family Assistance Program offers psycho-educational workshops and holds information sessions on subjects that are structured to meet the needs of employees or employers. The material presented and the duration of the workshops can be adapted to specific needs. Amongst others, the EFAP program offers workshops on stress management, work-life or work-family balance, conflict resolution, change management, and team building.


SafeTalk and ASIST workshops are also available for EFAP members; SafeTalk workshops are one halfday long and ASIST workshops are two days in duration. These workshops help people understand and prevent the risks of suicide. For more information on these workshops, visit

*Extra fees may apply depending on the workshops

Additional services

  • Assessment of needs and referral to various community resources.

  • Wellness Newsletters (include a link to previous newsletters after organizing the newsletters section)

  • Access to resources, such as videos, books, online resources and brochures (include a link to the learning resources after organizing the resources section).