Having as its primary goal to offer relevant services for organizations and communities whose needs are constantly evolving, the CRRIDEC cannot define itself as being an expert in a specific field: the team must respond to the changing needs of a complex and volatile environment. This is why the CRRIDEC is made up of a versatile team with complementary skills and expertise, which allows them to offer a variety of services adapted to the needs of clients and partners. These services include but are not limited to the following list, since the team adapts to its mandates.

For all of your needs


  • Market studies

  • Strategic thinking

  • Program evaluation

  • Creation of visual tools (infographics, presentations)

  • Development and analysis of surveys

Professional consultants

Personalized strategy

  • Website design

  • Designing promotional videos

  • Creating online training courses

  • Creating electronic books    

  • Applied research in the field of economic development

  • Intervention for specific projects in the context of organizations and communities

  • Analysis for growth in organizations

  • Regional ambassador for the Bonjour Welcome campaign, in collaboration with l'Assemblée de la francophonie de l'Ontario