CRRIDEC is the acronym for Centre régional de recherche et d’intervention en développement économique et communautaire.    

It is a research centre affiliated with l’Université de Hearst. It is one of its Learning Integration Centres. The CRRIDEC’s main objective is to offer relevant services to our communities, at competitive prices, in fields related to l’UdeH’s programs of study.


We believe that research and intervention are inseparable since research must have applicability and intervention relies on solutions that come about from effective research. The CRRIDEC’s mandate is far reaching and comprises the following elements who can evolve as the needs of communities change.
The mandate comprises the following elements:

Help in the development of companies, organizations and communities in Northern Ontario

Educate students in research and intervention

Provide the best possible practices in this field

Build durable partnerships with local businesses that can facilitate the transition from knowledge to concrete action plans.

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